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This is “Our Story”

KBJ Records is the only record label that caters to the “working” musician. After reading our story, you will know exactly what we mean when we say, “working" musician and you will truly understand why we are dedicated to the dream of making your music our #1 priority.

KBJ Records is the original brain child of two individuals; Kelvin Butler and Robert Malone Jr. Robert, a native of Murfreesboro, TN was a marketing major at The University of TN at Chattanooga, and had a natural talent for marketing products. Kelvin, a native of Memphis, TN was a business major, also attending The University of TN at Chattanooga, and had a God given talent for mixing audio, and producing music. The two soon realized that they were a match made in heaven however, they quickly figured out that they also shared two common problems. They both had no money and no resources. Determined to make their dream a reality, the duo worked long hours at odd jobs while being full time students. Many meals were missed. It would take a thirty page novel to describe the amount of hardships that the two had to overcome. Brian can even remember times when he and Robert would drive around town asking their friends for money just so they could eat for the day. But the two remained persistent. In no time at all, Brian and Robert had teamed up with many other gifted “working class musicians” and in May, 2002 KBJ Records was born.

Because of their trying experiences encountered during their journey to the top. The two can really relate to the working class musician. They understand the sacrifices that musicians like you have to make in order to pursue their dreams. They know that you have had countless doors closed in your face with lots of empty promises and sometimes all you need is someone to lend a helping hand. It is for that reason that Kelvin Butler and Robert Malone Jr. are dedicated to giving you the highest quality in musical services while keeping the prices as low as possible. Their dream is to make your music their #1 priority.

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