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Terms and Agreements


It is very important that you read the information below.  Skipping this step could cause you to infringe upon U.S. copyright laws:

Below are a few do's and don't's concerning the use of the Free Rap Instrumentals.

You may use the free rap instrumentals in any way you choose but you may not claim that you are the producer of the instrumentals.  You must give KBJ Records credit for the production of free instrumentals on all oral materials and written materials.

  • You must not try to copyright the free instrumentals
  • You must not try to copyright the free instrumental after vocals have been added.
  • You cannot sell the instrumental.
  • You MAY sell any albums containing the free instrumental providing that you accredit KBJ Records as the sole creator of the free instrumental on all printed materials and verbal communications.

Please download the two files below by clicking on the icons.  It is very important that you download the two files and print them out for your records.

Downloading the files below proves that you have chosen to accept terms and agreements above.

Terms and Agreements                                                   Accrediting Info.

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