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KBJ Records is a completely digital design company.  We do not scan any of your images.  We only accept digital images that you can upload to us from your computer or have already been previously scanned to your computer.  You may not mail us any of your photos or non-digital images.  You may upload your digital images directly to us from this site.

Our Process:

You will fill out our online form that asks you questions about your design job. Once you fill out our online form, our professional graphic designer will look over your request and a sales rep. will contact you about your turnaround time, and possible problems with your design ideas. (Most orders take 1 business week to complete)

You will then be insturucted to pay for the service.

Immediately after paying for the service you will be directed to the upload page where you will upload any digital images and files that you may want us to include in your designs.

Digital Images & Files@Include:

-Digital Photos/Images (4 Images per panel or side)

-Text Files (up to 2 fonts that you want used can be sent to us)

-Text Instructions (Project Instructions typed in a word program) ex. color schemes, text positions, specific details, what the text will read. etc. 

Once your designs have been uploaded, the designer will design your project, and show you the proof of the design. Need corrections? No Problem, the designer will make up to 2 minor corrections to your designs.  Once the final proof has been approved

How it works:

Step 1: Fill out the online form, answering all questions completely.

Step 2: Sales Rep. will contact you to discuss your order.

Step 3: Purchase the service & Upload your graphics & text files.

Step 4: Proof your design

Step 5: Download it.

Click Here To See Our Refund Policy

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