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Congratulations! You have found your way to KBJ Recordsí New mixing service. When it comes to having a professional sound, we know that there is nothing more important. You need a professional sound at an affordable price. You need a mixing service that is done by professional engineers and not some guy who is just going to add too much compression and distortion to your music. That is why we have worked very hard to bring you a mixing service that is not only extremely high in quality, but more affordable than most industry standards.

Now, we are not making a ridiculous claim to be the best mixing engineers ever born. We cannot promise you that we can make every mix that we are given, sound like a platinum recording.

We can promise that we will mix your music as if it were our own. We will not stop. We will use every technique in our arsenal until we have given you our very best product. PERIOD! We will provide you with a mixing report that describes every technique that we used on your mix.

Why choose us?

Well, we could start by mentioning the professional outboard gear and our cutting edge digital technology, but that doesn't mean anything.  "Equipment doesn't mix songs, people do."  Our  engineers have been mixing for 13 yrs. and counting, and they have been musicians all of their lives.  Our engineers are also mastering engineers so they have a broader purspective on your music.  

Not only will your mix sound good but it will be mixed for optimal results out of a mastering session.   Our engineers have the experience, and the perspective for your music. 
Our mixing packages come with FREE Corrections so you can be sure that your music will sound great.

Need CD Mastering or CD Duplication?

No Problem!  You can add CD Mastering and Duplication to your Mixing for just $10 per song.  You can add mastering to your order on the purchase page.

Our mixing service comes in two packages! 

Economy Mixing is perfect for beginning musicians who have small budgets and just need a high quality mixing session that will get the job done.  Customers will get a well balanced sound that is ready for mastering.

Installment Plans Are available for full disc mixing! Add at purchase.

What you get with Economy Mixing.

--- $43.00 per song ($430 full album 10-12 songs)

--- 2 to 6 tracks per song (4-5 min.)

--- Mixing Report (report showing what we did to your songs)

--- FREE Corrections

--- Volume Mix

--- EQ

--- Basic Punch and Warmth

--- Overall Sonic Balance

--- Noise Reduction

--- Minor Compression

--- Basic Panning

No Delays or Echoes will be added.

Read our checklist before you get started




Advanced Mixing is for the professional musician who wants his/her music to have that extra edge.  This package is perfect for experienced musicians who have larger budgets and need a professional mix that will prepare their music for the professional markets.  Customers who purchase this package will recieve a professionally balanced and strong mix that will get the good optimal results from a mastering session.

Installment Plans are available for full disc mixing! Add at purchase.

What you will get with Advanced Mixing.

--- $63.00 per song ($630 full album 10-12 songs)

--- 7 to 10 tracks 

--- Everything included with Economic Mixing 

--- Signal Strengthining

--- Stereo Enhancement

--- Basic Chorus & Reverbs added

--- Minor room delay added for warmth (if needed)

--- Basic Harmonial Balance

--- Overall Multi Compression Added (very little)

No Delays or Echoes will be added.

Read our checklist before you get started (Recommended)



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