We want you to get the best results out of your mixing process, but we take it a step further.  We want you to get the best out of the cd mastering process as well.  Most musicians don't know that mixing is not only about sounding good, it is about mixing the song correctly as well.  If a song is mixed with too much compression, distortion or volume, your mastering session will not get good results.

How do I get best results out of mixing?


                                        All Tracks Should Be....

  Wav Formatted (no MP3s or M4As)

2.  Mixed Down to 16 bit  44.1K sampling rate (no higher than 24 bit 48k)
3.  Free of Distortion (Turn them down. No clipping the red.)

4.  Free of Compression (may use a little if you must but only a little)

5.  Starting at zero (beginning)

6.  Have no compression effects on the master track. (preferred)

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It would also be very recommended that you download our Mixing Report below, "Mixing Tips They Don't Want You to Know."  You will get a detailed description of the best mixing techniques.

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