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KBJ Mastered My Album Free!!!

Artist Spotlight

Nick Dee is a new and upcoming artist born and raised in Boston, MA.  His genre, "electriphop" is one of a kind and cannot be described.  You have to experience it.  We are proud to have had Nick as a member of the Artist Sponsorship Program and we are very proud to have mastered his new album, "Sorry I'm Not Sorry".   Visit his website and see what he has to say about our Artist Sponsorship!

The Artist Sponsorship Program

KBJ Records would like to invite you to join our "Artist Sponsorship Program."

What is the "Artist Sposorship Program?"

The Artist Sponsorship Program is a program that allows you to receive 100% Free music mastering or 100% Free CD Duplication for your albums.

This program is ideal for artist who may be running a little short on cash and may need a little help with their projects.

What is the Catch?

Well, of course we will expect something from you in return for providing these free services. You need our service, we need advertiseing. We will provide you with free services, but you have to help us with advertising. You scratch our backs and we'll scratch yours.

How it Works?

Let's say you need an 8 song album professionally mastered. Well that is fine. If you qualify for the sponsorship program, we will send you assignments weekly. You will be expected to complete these assignments on a weekly basis. Once you have completed a weekly assignment, we will validate the completion and we will master 2 songs on your album. This process will continue for a total of 4 weeks. We will master 2 songs per week until your entire 8 song album has been completed. CD Duplication works the same way.

Your Mastering Options include 8 to 12 songs.
CD Duplication Options include 100 discs on spindle.

You must complete your assignments weekly!! Failure to complete this obligation without a valid reason can risk termination of your sponsorship. We will be checking on you.

What are the assignments?

Don't worry, the assignments will not be hard, but they will require some effort on your part. All you need is access to a computer and you can accomplish the assignments from the comfort of your home or computer desk. The assignments will consist of a combination of:

Blog Posts, Bulletin Posts, Social Network Posts, Fan Suggestions, Chain Emails, Email Shares, and Event Invites etc.

You do not even have to know how to type. Most of your assignments will already be pre-typed by KBJ. All you have to do is copy & paste.

What do I need in order to qualify?

You need :

Twitter Account, Facebook Account, Myspace Account

300+ friends on Facebook and Myspace. 150 followers. on Twitter

Personal Band Website: (not Myspace or social network site)

1. Artist Picture 2. Brief Bio 3. Best Single

Oh Yeah! Your music has to be good. If your music doesn't have what it takes, we will not accept your application.

We will also design you your very own artist page on our site. This page will help you advertise your album release, website and social network pages.

How do I Get Started?

It is simple! Click the link below, fill out the on-line form completely, and we will contact you to discuss your acceptance.

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