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Unleash your music's true potential.  Do you want great results with a major label sound?  

The only true & undiscovered way to get that major label sound without that major label budget! 

$10 Per Song!!!!

Hello, Kelvin Butler Here,

First of all, let me start by saying that I am not just another mastering tech. claiming to be the best that has ever lived in an attempt to get money out of your pocket and into mine. Don’t get me wrong though, I have mastered many songs from all around the country and people come to me because they love hearing the clear differences in their recordings. The thing that sets me apart is that I am an artist just like you. I know exactly what you may be going through.

11 years ago, I started producing my own albums. I to used to wonder why my original recordings did not sound as good as the professionals. I soon learned that the difference was in the mastering. I needed to get my music mastered. I started searching and I paid out tons and tons of money to mastering techs. You see, I was a starving artist and I was working with a low budget so I usually had to pay by the hour for my songs to be mastered. They still did not sound professional enough. One day I went to a mastering tech. and asked him why my music did not sound like the majors and that’s when he told me….

”Professional artists have professional budgets, they don’t pay by the hour they pay by the song. A song may take 2 to 8 hours to perfect and when something needs to be corrected they get it done without having to pay for the changes.”

"Before the mastering process begins, the mastering tech advises the producer about things that need to be done with the quality of the mix in order to get a better result out of mastering."

That’s It! I thought to myself, It is impossible to perfectly master an album on an hourly basis, and when changes are needed they have to be made without having to pay for them. A mastering tech. should advise the producer about the mix before mastering starts. I searched many years for a mastering service that could fit those needs and continuously came up empty. This is why after years of experience in mastering I’ve created  “The Mastering Mandate.” 

How Many Songs Mastered


I could talk until I am blue in the face but you would still want to know..."Exactly how good are you as a mastering tech?" I can show you better than I can tell you.

Listen to the samples of my work below and find out why I am the man for the job. (Please use high quality speakers while listening, not laptop speakers) 

"Maybe We'll Say" (BEFORE) by Phelix Jones

"Maybe We'll Say" (AFTER) by Phelix Jones

"Make Me Say Yes" (BEFORE) by K-Know


"Make Me Say Yes" (AFTER) by K-Know


If you couldn’t hear the obvious differences in the songs below, then maybe you don’t have a trained ear or you simply don’t like my work, either way I would suggest you leave this page right now but I will assure you that you will not find a mastering service that comes anywhere close to the one that is revealed lower in this page. Don't miss out on the greatest advantage your music may ever have.

What is the "Mastering Mandate?”

"The Mastering Mandate” is a professional music mastering service that uses fresh new techniques that most other mastering engineers aren’t even using yet. 

What's So Fresh and New About My Mastering?

Well, Most of my equipment and plugins are designed specifically for my use.  I keep close and convenient contact with designers to ensure that I am getting access to cutting edge technology.  Because my equipment is not commercial, my sound is a one of a kind.  However, Equipment doesn't master songs.  People master songs.  I have a vast amount of experience with mastering. I will treat your music as if it were my own.

Your mix is examined to make sure that no errors exist that may hinder your results. You will receive your very own online folder that puts you right in the studio by sending you online samples of your mastered songs during the mastering process.  You can tell the mastering engineer your likes and dislikes about the songs. The mastering tech. will then make any changes, “free of charge” until your project is to your satisfaction for only $10 PER SONG!!!

That’s Right!!!!

$10 per song

$120 for a full disc (12 songs)

Do You Have More than 12 Songs?  No Problem!!!

Only $20 for each additional song. (up to 14 Songs)

Have More than 14 Songs?  Call for a deal!!! 

*You don't even have to pay the post office to send us your tracks. You can upload your tracks to us directly from this website so have your songs ready.*
How Many Songs Mastered

No I am not the cheapest!  But I will give you professional results with a major label sound.

Here's What People Are Saying About My Work

Kelvin did an excellent job of mastering my cd. He was very easy to work with and spent extra time to help me achieve the sound I was looking for. You defiantly can't get that kind of service for such a low price anywhere else. Alexander von Guggenberg

I was amazed at the sound difference that Kelvin created on our music. The mastering created a powerful sound with a solid bass and crisp highs. Kelvin truly added that professional touch to our tracks to get us ahead in our music career... Eric Schmidt "Graveyard Tan

What Will You Get With The Mastering Mandate?

  • $10 per song (NO HOURLY RATES) ($140 for full disc) (14 songs)
  • All corrections made to your music "FREE OF CHARGE"
  • No Postage Charge to send me your tracks
  • I will diagnose your mix for best results
  • Samples of your music sent by email for your approval during the mastering process
  • Mastering Tech. available for all unanswered questions (phone & email)
  • Fresh New Technology that most are not even using yet.
  • Customer Service that is geared to satisfy your needs
  • Online Folder 


How Many Songs Mastered

Still Not Convienced?

No Problem!  Take us for a trial run.  I can understand how you might be afraid to take the next step.  So I will master one of your songs Free Of Charge!!  If you like it, you can buy it for $16.50.  I you don't like it, you owe us nothing.  We will call it even.  Click Here to Start!

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